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Hummel House Art, LLC
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A little about Hummel House Art

Debbie DeLong - The Artist in Her Natural Habitat

Debbie DeLong - The Artist in Her Natural Habitat

Debbie shared a sketch with you 14.png

Welcome to Hummel House Art!

So, what’s in a name? First off, no, I do not sell little, cute German figurines :) Naming a business is so difficult, but I wanted to capture something that is important to me. That would be my home - where I live with my husband and four furry children. Hummel is the name of my street, so Hummel House just seemed to have a good ring to it (to me, anyway!). And, well, Art is kinda self-explanatory, I think.

I started Hummel House Art in June 2016. After several years of dealing with an illness that left me with terrible anxiety, depression, and neurological symptoms, I discovered the Zentangle®️ Method of Art. While practicing I noticed that my symptoms would decrease and even disappear. I started tangling every day as a type of therapy for myself, and then I became addicted to it! So much so that I decided to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher in April of 2017 so that I could share this amazing art form with others whether it be through workshops or creating a piece for someone.

Art can be transformative! Art can be Healing!

I want everyone to know that there is Always Hope.

Mission Statement

To use various art forms in a mindful, meaningful, and affective way in order to enrich lives.